Follow me on Vine

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Hey folks,

Not only can you follow me on twitter and instagram… But you can now follow me on Vine. I finally posted my first video on there a few days ago’s. There will be lots more to come.

User: misssjackie

Protect your nugget – wear a helmet

Posted by JBOSS | Posted in Skating | Posted on 04-16-2013

If you follow me on instagram you saw that I posted a picture on March 15, 2013 of my Predator DH6 Helmet after painting it satin black. My helmet took my gear off after a great skate session and didn’t realized I put my helmet down in a awkward position causing the helmet to tumble down a hill and me running after it. When the helmet finally came to a halt, there were little nicks and dents all over the helmet. My glossy black helmet was now looking tarnish and I was heartbroken.

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Pet Mouse: “Little White Belly Spot”

Posted by JBOSS | Posted in Animals | Posted on 04-12-2013

With the recent passing of Peppers, I purchased a male mouse named, “Little White Belly Spot,” Spot for short. :) He’s super active, poops a lot, and just darn cute. I love this little fella.

Following Kyle: Transitions

Posted by JBOSS | Posted in Skating | Posted on 03-12-2013

I came across this video on vimeo and just had to share it with you all. The transitions between the clips are flawless.

Longboarding: Better Together

Posted by JBOSS | Posted in Skating | Posted on 03-05-2013

I made another longboarding video in which it took a total of 3 hours of 3 days combined to get all different angles and the “right” shot I had in mind. It’s quite tricky filming at the top of this hill, my usual “go-to” skate spot in Aiea because the sun is just right there and most of the time I catch the sun glare in the videos that makes it look washed out. I do have to say I’m happy of the outcome of this video, I think it turned out good. It may not have crazy 180, stand up slides, flip tricks, and what not. But I felt this video did exactly what I wanted to achieve, which was something fun and simple, yet still cool.

I’d appreciate it if you checked it out. :)

Love you all and have a wonderful day

Haters are gonna HATE!

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I do my best when it comes to haters. Whatever reason someone may have against me, I don’t let it get under my skin, and embrace it instead. I take it in and let it make me stronger emotionally and spiritually. Maybe when I was a child I’d probably fight back, but as I got older, I just say, “Eh…” and brush it off my shoulders. I’ve learn to appreciate what I have in my life and that keeps me going. I may not have much, but it’s like they say –”It’s the little things that counts” My family, friends, support from strangers who can relate to what I went through in life or am going through in life, etc… So I pass onto you… Whenever you come across a hater, ‘Stay Strong, You’re Worth It’

Love always,